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    THE INITIATIVE ON CAMPUS FOR GINGERS Project Background Not exactly a design project but a creative endeavour nonetheless, The Initiative on Campus for Gingers (ICG) was a parody political party that I ran with my friends for the 2011 Student Representative Council elections at the University of Cape Town. We ran the campaign under the banner that "No-one should be discriminated against based on the colour of their hair" but really our main goal was to make light of the student campaigns that were far too politicized and egotistical. I was the ICG's candidate but I was also responsible for the creative work of some of our campaign propaganda. Are You Feeling Ginger? We initiated my campaign by getting as many people as we could to show solidarity by putting themselves in the hair of a ginger. Unwittingly our actions might have lead to the downfall of the Rhodes statue in 2015… (Photo credit -Mike Williams) Campaign video I devised a touching mocumentary, for our campaign video, about a ginger lad who tripped on campus and no-one even stopped to stop him rolling right across campus. Shot and edited by Annzra Naidoo (shown here while filming a stunt scene with me), and starring Stephen Bourhill, it ends with a collision into the iconic Athlone Towers. Flyers At a time when social media and hashtags were what everyone was starting to do I wanted to turn our flyers into physical copies of online posts that could be passed along. Design work for these was done by Steven Bing with creative input from Mike Williams and Pratik Pokharel.

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    AUTOMATED PIPETTE TIP PACKER v3.0 The automated pipette tip packer saves scientists from performing the tedious activity of packing disposable, plastic pipette tips into trays. Project Background Disposable, plastic pipette tips are used by scientists on pipettors in the collection of biological media. These tips are supplied loose in bags and before they can be used they must be separated, packed into a tray and sterilised. Hand packing these trays is a time consuming task. So for my final year project at the University of Cape Town in 2012 I was challenged with automating the activity by designing and manufacturing a packing machine. I designed and manufactured sub-systems to perform each of the main functions of the tip packer, and finally assembled the working prototype shown here. Designing a Solution Subsystem Design Subsystems needed to be designed for the tip seperation, orientation and placement systems. Existing systems were integrated into the design for the tray positioning system (an XY table that moves the tray) and the control system (a microcontroller with input/output ports). A scientist will place loose tips into the cylindrical hopper for sorting. The hopper base has a slot cut into it. As the hopper rotates tips fall into the slot. The separated tips drop out of the slot and are fed via a chute onto the orientation system. Two offset rollers are geared to rotate in opposite directions. Tips feed onto the rollers facing in either direction. As the two rollers rotate, and the gap between them increases, the tips’ weight causes them to rotate and hang pointed end down. When tips reach the end of the rollers they are detected by an infrared sensor. A signal is generated to open the gate and a single tip drops down the tip slide. Another sensor at the base of the slide signals for the gate to close. Final Product Loose tips are feed into the packer which then separates them, orientates them all into the same direction, and finally packs them one-by-one into a tray so that they can then be sterilised.

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    ABOUT SUMMARY EXPERIENCE EDUCATION CAUSES AWARDS LEADERSHIP INTERESTS About Kim's Design Kitchen In Kim's Design Kitchen I present a collection of my design work in the form of a restaurant menu. There is a wide range of projects, from paid work to entrepreneurial endeavors to personal projects completed in my spare time. Below is a bit more detail about myself, my experience, and the skills I've picked up along the way. About the Chef Kim White Designepreneur MSc Product Design University of Strathclyde BSc. (Hons) Electro-Mechanical Engineering University of Cape Town Summary I am a “designepreneur”. What's that? A product designer who moonlights as an entrepreneur as I seek to gain an understanding of how businesses work and not just my area of expertise. Behind all of my work is a strong belief that, at our core, everyone wants to improve their communities, live their best lives and help others to do the same. I want to use my creativity and skills to help find and create the digital, or physical, tools and systems to make that possible. Freelance Design Engineer Southern Implants, South Africa Nov 2019 - Present Successful use of Human Centered Design methods to develop a new inspection process that initial users (the inspectors) have reported reduces inspection time and likelihood of making errors Implementation of SolidWorks macros to potentially save 3 months of engineering time required to create 4000 new inspection cards. Key Skills: Human Centered UX Research and UX Design, SolidWorks, Programming in VBA ​​ Co-Founder Zimbowties, Zimbabwe June 2016 - Present Designed strategy and branding for starting up the social enterprise, Zimbowties, that has sold its sustainable fashion accessories to people in over 25 countries, is stocked in 10 stores in 4 countries worldwide, has saved over 80 000 litres of water by upcycling fabric offcuts to make all of its product and has sponsored over 30 children's school fees. Built webpage and online store that's had a revenue of over US$2,000 and over 3000 unique visitors. Spoken face-to-face to over 1000 people about the business Won business pitches at 3 startup events (some with 200+ attendees) Designed strategy and content for digital marketing that has gained over 1200 followers ​ Key Skills: Digital Marketing, Adobe Creative Suite, Pitching, Customer Relationship Management, Brand Strategy, Design Thinking, Project Management, Webpage Development (Squarespace) ​​ Freelance Design Engineer Southern Implants, South Africa June 2018 Successful collaboration with surgeons to redesign and develop a temporomandibular joint prosthesis that was implanted in a patient and reported to be easier to use than older designs and better value for money that other companies' products. ​ Key Skills: Customer Relationship Management, Human Centered Design, Project Management, Biomedical Engineering Design Design Engineer Southern Implants, South Africa May 2014 - June 2016 Successful design, development and testing of a novel dental implant system for older patients and multiple other components for other dental systems Parallel project management of up to 5 projects Co-lead the establishment of an engineering knowledge base that reduced knowledge silos, reduced training time for new recruits and continues to be used Lead the establishment of a Student Mentorship Program to improve the grades of students sponsored by the company.​ ​ Key Skills: Project Management, Prototyping, Quality Systems, 3D Modelling, Engineering Drawing, 3D Rendering, Data Management Consulting Engineer Kimbry Consultancy, Zimbabwe April 2013 – April 2014 Redeveloped and validated the automated process of surface enhancement of dental implants at Southern Implants, South Africa to meet ISO 13485 and FDA standards to ensure products consistently meet customer requirements Established testing procedures for testing surface roughness and contamination using 3D Scanning Electron Microscopy and Electron Dispersive Spectroscopy. ​ Key Skills: Process Development, Process Validation, Quality Systems, Operation of SEM and EDS, Project Management, Basic Python Experience Education Certificate in Entrepreneurship Watson Institute, Boulder, Colorado Fall 2018 Cohort MSc Product Design University of Strathclyde, Glasgow 2016-2017 Dissertation: Action Research Towards Understanding How to Design a Hit and Not a Flop BSc. Electro-Mechanical Engineering (with Honours) University of Cape Town 2009 – 2012 Final Year Project: Design and manufacture of an automated pipette tip packer Cambridge IGCSE Ordinary and Advanced Levels Examinations Hillcrest College, Zimbabwe 2003-2008 Volunteer Experience and Causes Social Media Manager TEDxBoulder, USA April 2019 – Present Diet Coach and Blogger Alfreds Banting Comrades, South Africa April – May 2015 Engineering Peer Mentor Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Cape Town January 2010 – October 2012 Certifications, Awards and Achievements LinkedIn Learning ( Certificates, 2019 ​UX Foundations: Prototyping , Planning a Career in User Experience , UX Design: 1 , UX Design: 2 Analyzing User Data , UX Design: 3 Creating Personas Speaker at Ignite Boulder 37 ​ Speaker at the E&PDE 2017 ​Presented a student paper at the Engineering & Product Design Education International Conference for the University of Strathclyde in Oslo, Norway Beit Trust Scholarship Winner, 2016 Selected from over 1500 applicants to be awarded a prestigious Beit Trust scholarship to study M. Product Design at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Speaker at the RAPDASA 2015 ​Speaker at the Rapid Product Development Association of South Africa’s International Conference in Pretoria, South Africa Leadership Positions Rapid Product Development Association of South Africa (RAPDASA) Management Committee Member (2016) Southern Implants University of Johannesburg and Southern Implants Collaboration Facilitator (2014-2016) Student Peer Mentor (2015-2016) University of Cape Town Mechanical Engineering Peer Mentor (2010, 2011, 2012) Head of The Disciplinary Committee, Leo Marquard Hall (2011) President of the Initiative on Campus for Gingers (2011) Current Interests Reading (recently: The Story of Us - Wait But Why ) Podcasting (see my experiments here ) Argentinian Tango VBA for SolidWorks

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    KIM'S DESIGN KITCHEN Welcome Thanks for taking the time to come and sample the design feast I've put together for you. Enjoy and let me know what you think! Mains Projects that spanned a month or more Inspection UX Improvement Zimbowties Starters Projects that were completed in less than a month Kimbry Desserts Work that took no longer than a than a week to complete Puzzles and Pajama Pants Alfred's Banting Comrades Bon Appétit! If you would like to find out more about the preparation and ingredients of each dish or if you'd like me to "cook" something for you, pop me a mail below. Visit the about page to learn more about me and my career as a UX researcher and designer. ​ Thanks, Kim White UX Researcher and Designer February 2021 Success! Message received. Send

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    ARTY DIPS A collection of artwork I completed in 2007 while still in high school. Forced to choose Technical Drawings over Art as an "O" level subject, I continued to dip into artistic explorations in my own time. Most of my skills are self taught. White Rhino (ink) Rhinos are hunted for their horns which are believed in some cultures to have special medicinal properties but in fact grow from the skin and just consist of compressed strands of keratin (like fingernail fibres). Around 20 000 white rhinos are left in existence. African Wild Dog (watercolours) It only seemed appropriate to paint the African Painted Dog. Interestingly no two wild dogs are marked the same making it easy to identify individuals. An endangered species, there are only four remaining populations in Africa, approximately 6600 dogs in total. White-Backed Vultures (mixed media) Vultures scavenging carcasses helps reduce the spread of diseases like anthrax and botulism. But the loss of habitat and the poisoning of these birds, for various reasons, is unfortunately leading to their extinction. Circling Spectres (mixed media) The lions' bodies simmering in the desert heat, a contrast to the sharp quills of the porcupines. Ironically the possible addition of lions to the endangered species list might negatively affect their conservation which is often funded by the sport-hunting of older, non-dominant males. Shower Time (mixed media) The African elephant is an incredible thing to see up close!

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    THE SMART POD The Smart Pod is a trendy concept bag that I designed to carry my personal belongings in. Embedded technology would make this bag stand out from other bags. This project was my winning entry for a design competition I entered as part of the University of Pennsylvania's course that I completed in 2015 (see The Taste Tower project ). Entrants were challenged to see "In what way may we create a product to carry personal belongings (e.g. keys, ID, credit cards, and etc.) “on the go”?" Project Background User Needs I am not a fan of the traditional, cumbersome backpacks or briefcases so I wanted to design a bag that would: be stylish, adaptable to different usage styles and create a talking point have embedded smart technology to make it user friendly and unique be small and portable for the user’s belongings safely and securely hold the user’s belongings Final Design External features Internal features The pod’s lid is quickly opened at the click of a button. It opens using electroactive polymers which reduce in length when an electric current passes through them. This forces the lid to curl and open.

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    TASTE TOWER The Taste Tower is a spice rack designed to hold my herb and spice bottles. I strived to achieve a practical and minimalist design for the rack. Project Background This project was completed as part of the Univerity of Pennsylvania's course, "Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society " which I completed in 2015. The course is project-based and each student was challenged to identify a gap for a product that if created could improve their daily lives. The course guides students through the design steps and towards the final manufacture of their selected products. The drawer where I used to keep all my herbs and spices was disorganized, messy when the spices spilled out, not close to my stove, and at a low level that was awkward for most people to access. I wanted to see how I might create a device to hold and store my spices in a way that is easy to access in the kitchen and is visually appealing or easy to store away. I broke down the problem based on my user needs. Solutions were generated to solve each user need. These solutions were then combined to create concepts for a final product. An example in this image is a concept that would use modular shelves for the spices. Generating concepts Prototyping The Dowel Suspension Concept was further refined to use cheap planks cut with a jigsaw instead of dowels to hang the spice bottles. I modelled the idea in Google SketchUp and made a prototype in order to get feedback from friends. Multiple concepts were generated and evaluated. The best concepts were selected for further development. Final Product Designing a Solution Identifying a product gap Breaking down the problem

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    OLD FEASTS Here are some old feasts that I worked on and have retired from the home page Main Course Meals Projects that spanned a month or more Inspection UX Improvement Zimbowties Automated Pipette Tip Packer The Custom Dental Implant Extension Light Meals Projects that were completed in less than a month The Taste Tower The Smart Pod The Chalk-It-Up Clock The Initiative on Campus for Gingers Platter of Projects Work that took no longer than a than a week to complete Arty Dips Bite-Size Projects Bon Appétit! If you would like to find out more about the preparation and ingredients of each dish or if you'd like me to "cook" something for you, pop me a mail below. Visit the about page to learn more about me and my career as a UX researcher, product designer and entrepreneur. ​ Thanks, Kim White Success! Message received. Send

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    BITE-SIZE PROJECTS A collection of design and creative work that I have done for myself or on behalf of others from 2010 to 2015.