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The Taste Tower is a spice rack designed to hold my herb and spice bottles. I strived to achieve a practical and minimalist design for the rack.

Project Background

This project was completed as part of the Univerity of Pennsylvania's course, "Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society" which I completed in 2015. The course is project-based and each student was challenged to identify a gap for a product that if created could improve their daily lives. The course guides students through the design steps and towards the final manufacture of their selected products.

The drawer where I used to keep all my herbs and spices was disorganized, messy when the spices spilled out, not close to my stove, and at a low level that was awkward for most people to access.


I wanted to see how I might create a device to hold and store my spices in a way that is easy to access in the kitchen and is visually appealing or easy to store away.

I broke down the problem based on my user needs. Solutions were generated to solve each user need. These solutions were then combined to create concepts for a final product. An example in this image is a concept that would use modular shelves for the spices.

Generating concepts

The Dowel Suspension Concept was further refined to use cheap planks cut with a jigsaw instead of dowels to hang the spice bottles. I modelled the idea in Google SketchUp and made a prototype in order to get feedback from friends.

Multiple concepts were generated and evaluated. The best concepts were selected for further development.

Final Product

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Designing a Solution

Identifying a product gap
Breaking down the problem
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