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Project Background

Not exactly a design project but a creative endeavour nonetheless, The Initiative on Campus for Gingers (ICG) was a parody political party that I ran with my friends for the 2011 Student Representative Council elections at the University of Cape Town.


We ran the campaign under the banner that "No-one should be discriminated against based on the colour of their hair" but really our main goal was to make light of the student campaigns that were far too politicized and egotistical.


I was the ICG's candidate but I was also responsible for the creative work of some of our campaign propaganda.

Are You Feeling Ginger?

We initiated my campaign by getting as many people as we could to show solidarity by putting themselves in the hair of a ginger. Unwittingly our actions might have lead to the downfall of the Rhodes statue in 2015… (Photo credit -Mike Williams)

Campaign video

I devised a touching mocumentary, for our campaign video, about a ginger lad who tripped on campus and no-one even stopped to stop him rolling right across campus. Shot and edited by Annzra Naidoo (shown here while filming a stunt scene with me), and starring Stephen Bourhill, it ends with a collision into the iconic Athlone Towers.


At a time when social media and hashtags were what everyone was starting to do I wanted to turn our flyers into physical copies of online posts that could be passed along. Design work for these was done by Steven Bing with creative input from Mike Williams and Pratik Pokharel.

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