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The Chalk-It-Up Clock is a dedication to the old and new technology being used in education across the world: Specifically the traditional chalk-board and cutting edge 3D printing.

Project Background

This project was my entry for an additive manufacturing design competition in 2015. When designing this clock I tried to make it different from traditional wall clocks and to also make use of the benefits of additive manufacturing. I realised that traditionally wall clocks have two main functions: To tell the time and to look good (sometimes).


So I felt there was a gap for a clock that has some added functionality.

User Needs

I identified the following items as important for my design. It should:

  • Have a reminder feature

  • Be customizable

  • Look good and provide a talking point

  • Not be too complex or else it will collect dust

  • Tell the time


Final Design

The "chalk-board" feature pays tribute to the traditional methods of education while the 3D print manufacturing demonstrates one of the incredible technologies that is available as a learning tool today. Finally the ability to customize the clock serves as a reminder of how rapidly technology is always changing.

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