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A social enterprise based in Zimbabwe. We chose to go direct-to-consumers and after struggling with the limitations of Etsy I decided to build us a website.
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Project Background

In 2016 I co-founded Zimbowties, a social startup creating handmade bow ties and fashion accessories from upcycled offcuts of colourful fabric in Zimbabwe. 10% of our sales goes towards Creativity Awards for school kids to inspire the next generation of creatives in Zimbabwe.

We started selling direct to customers via Etsy but when we found its basic design quite limiting for meeting our customer's needs and our business goals I decided to build our own webpage.


Customer Discovery Interviews 
Customer Discovery Via Social Media 
Root Cause Analysis
Kim White - Root Cause Analysis - Week 1
Persona Development
Kim - Persona Canvas - Tatenda the Zimbo
Stakeholder Meetings & Business Goal Setting
Value Proposition
Kim White, Week 3, value-prop-canvas, Ja

Problem Definition

Existing Solution Evaluation 
Old Site Evaluation.png


Rapid Prototyping
Kim White, Rapid Prototyping Test Run _P
Refinement and Testing
Screenshot 2020-06-18 19.04.13.png
Net Promoter Score Measurement 
User Feedback Via Social Media
Customer Feedback1+2.png


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